Brake and Clutch

Brake & Clutch Repair HallamGiven the critical role that the brakes play in maintaining cars while on the road, it is imperative that you keep them in some proper functioning positions. If you live in or around Hallam, you can count on A1 Gas & Mechanical Services to handle all your braking and clutching mechanisms.

Brake Repairs:

Our trained and experienced technicians have the skill and expertise to repair brakes on vehicles of all makes and models. Some of the associated services we carry out are:

  • Checking the levels of wear and tear of the disc brakes or the brake drum shoes
  • Replace the front or the rear brake pads or shoes
  • Inspect the brake fluid levels
  • Repair and upgrade of the brake system components
  • Road testing of the vehicle

Clutch Repairs

Our services do not just stop at the brakes. They also extend to impact the clutch too. We do have the expertise to repair or replace the clutches for all kinds of vehicles. Also, we stock high-quality clutch parts which are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.  

What’s more? Our skilled technicians can also offer you appropriate advisory as to whether your clutch should be repaired, adjusted or replaced. This is not to mention that we do also conduct some thorough inspections of the various parts of your clutch and fix any of them as they arise.

Signs that show that your vehicle’s clutch system needs immediate attention include:

  • Hard to get into reverse gear
  • Car slipping out of gear
  • Rough shifting
  • Strange noises like rattling
  • Burnt smell whenever you hop out of your car

Regardless of whether your car is struggling to start or having difficulties in stopping, come to us. We can repair or replace these systems as required. Just give us a call at 0437 522 193. We are always ready to help you with your brake and clutch repair needs, and also see our dyno tuning service, it’s great.