LPG Servicing

LPG servicingLPG Gas Tank Testing:

For your car to operate smoothly at all times and guarantee you smooth rides, everything has to be right. Your fuel tank, which contains and dispenses the fuel, should be in the best shape and form all the time.

As a matter of fact, each LPG gas tank has to be inspected every 10 years by an Approved Gas Cylinder Testing Station or Licensed Boiler Inspector as per the prevailing Australian standards. This can only be ensured if the tank is inspected from time to time to ascertain its state and if necessary make any adjustments.

Our company, A1 Gas & Mechanical Services yet again comes in handy at such times. We provide unparalleled LPG Gas Tank Testing Services in our area. Our services are also intended to meet the prevailing standards to the letter. They include the following:

External Inspection:

Under this service scheme, we carry out extensive inspections of the exterior of the tanks. We look out for any damages or alterations to the physical state of the tanks. In particular, we search for line corrosion, pits, cuts, digs, dents, and bulges.

While at it, we also repaint cylinders which may have been heat-treated or had their gouges and dents filled. Needless to say, we also repair the tanks to restore them to their proper accurate working conditions. We restore the integrity of the high-pressure vessels to see to it that they function uninterrupted.

Internal Inspections

The interiors of the tanks are just as significant as their exterior. That is why we also spare a bit of our time to inspect and restore them. To do this, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Our primary focus is to search for any corrosion, scales, rust, or oil which may compromise the proper functioning of the tanks as a whole.

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